Wedgwood: A Leafy Neighborhood

Wedgwoodians love their neighborhood trees.  In addition to nurturing the trees that we already have, Wedgwoodians are enthusiastic about planting even more trees.

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Wedgwood’s Wildlife

Throughout northeast Seattle there are many ravines, big and small, with creeks running eastward down to their outlets at Lake Washington.  As can be seen throughout the city, there are possums, raccoon and coyotes living in Wedgwood’s ravines.   It has been rumored that deer live in the wooded ravines, as well.

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Original Resources, Real History

Have you heard of Frederich Drumpf, a German immigrant who operated a restaurant in Seattle in the 1890s?

Real historians use original documents and verify their sources, and in this essay by Seattle historian Rob Ketcherside, we see that getting at the truth about Mr. Drumpf required painstaking research.

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BOOM: Changing Seattle

From July 7 through August 29, 2016, Seattle’s new Center for Architecture and Design will have an exhibit about the rapid changes we see around us in our neighborhoods with increasing density and new, unfamiliar architectural design.

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Preserving Wedgwood’s Scarlet Oak Heritage Tree

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has an Urban Forestry division which maintains street trees.  In this article from the SDOT blog, the tree crew explains the work being done to preserve Wedgwood’s Scarlet Oak Heritage Tree located on NE 77th Street at the corner of 38th Ave NE.

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Classic Maps of Washington State

Did you know that the Washington State Office of the Secretary of State has a blog page????   Well, it seems like just about everyone has a blog now!

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Herons in Seattle

What does a teenage Great Blue Heron look like?

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