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Valarie is a volunteer history writer for the Wedgwood neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

Pumpkin Season 2016 in Wedgwood

Although another neighborhood of Seattle claims to be the Center of the Universe, the Wedgwood neighborhood has a center of activity called The Gathering Place at the Hunter Tree Farm.  In October 2016 the site has once again been transformed … Continue reading

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Historic Street Names of Ballard

The Ballard neighborhood in northwest Seattle was an independent city until 1907.  After annexation to the City of Seattle, Ballard’s street names were changed to the numbered system, with a few exceptions such as Ballard Avenue NW.

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Wedgwood Rock in Seattle History

In the 1930s in Seattle mountain-climbing as a sport was more influenced by one person, Wolf Bauer, than any other.  Born in Bavaria in 1912, Wolf Bauer brought his love of mountaineering and outdoor life to his participation in Boy … Continue reading

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Celebrate Yesler Swamp

The wonderful Yesler Swamp Trail with amenities such as a boardwalk and benches, will celebrate its completion on Sunday afternoon, October 16th, from 1 to 3 PM.

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Representing Wedgwood: the Community Council

In the year 2015 the City of Seattle reorganized City Council representation.  The City now has a councilmember for each newly created geographical district.  Districts were equalized to about 90,000 people in each. The Wedgwood neighborhood in northeast Seattle has … Continue reading

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Looking for the Seattle Experience: Betty MacDonald

If you have ever encountered tourists at Snoqualmie Falls and North Bend who are looking for Twin Peaks sites, or visitors from around the world who flock to Forks in search of Twilight, then you have had a taste of … Continue reading

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Tour of Modern Sacred Spaces in Wedgwood

On Saturday, September 10th, there will be a tour of two modern architectural churches in the Wedgwood neighborhood:  Our Lady of the Lake and University Unitarian.

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