Wedgwood, Center of the Pumpkin Universe

Hunter Tree Farm pumpkin sales are open on October weekends.

Hunter Tree Farm pumpkin sales are open on October weekends.

The Wedgwood neighborhood in northeast Seattle has several claims to fame.  It is the birthplace of the Burke-Gilman Trail and is one of the most tree-conscious neighborhoods of Seattle (see category on this blog: trees.)

A unique space in Wedgwood, called The Gathering Place, is the Hunter Tree Farm at 7744 35th Ave NE.  With permission of the Hunter family, the space is used year-round for fresh-market sales stands such as berries, and for community activities.

While we wait in anticipation for the annual Christmas-tree sales to begin at Hunter’s on the day after Thanksgiving, on weekends in October 2013 the Hunter family brought pumpkins to Wedgwood.

In years subsequent to 2013, the pumpkin sales have often been sponsored by the local Scouts troop as a fundraiser for their outdoor program of hiking and camping.

Paul the Pumpkin Man is ready to match you with a suitable vegetable companion.

Paul the Pumpkin Man is ready to match you with a suitable vegetable companion.

Representing the Hunter family in 2013, Paul the Pumpkin Man set up a mini-maze which was fenced so that small children can safely frolic amongst the veggies.

We are thankful that there are no controversies over PumpkinCare and that there is no danger of a shut-down.  Everyone is welcome to participate in pumpkining, so come and enjoy the bountiful display on October weekends in Wedgwood.

PUMPKIN NEWS BULLETIN: Ryther in Wedgwood, a treatment center which does miraculous work with emotionally disturbed children, needs pumpkins for the kids’ seasonal decorating.  Look for the Ryther box at the Hunter Tree Farm Pumpkin Patch and make the world a better place by donating a pumpkin for kids.  You can also bring pumpkins directly to Ryther, 2400 NE 95th Street, during office hours: Monday through Thursday 8 AM to 7 PM, and Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

pumpkins for Ryther

Pumpkin donations to Ryther would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Thank you, Wedgwoodians, for your generosity.  By Sunday, October 27, 2013, enough pumpkins had been donated for each of the 48 children in residential treatment at Ryther to have one for their fun seasonal decorations.

Read about the history of Ryther here.  Ryther is making a difference in the lives of children and families, and the holiday season is a time when we can help support their work.

About Wedgwood in Seattle History

Valarie is a volunteer writer of neighborhood history in Seattle.
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3 Responses to Wedgwood, Center of the Pumpkin Universe

  1. Paul says:

    PumpkinCare! 😀

  2. Everyone is in favor of PumpkinCare because it is non-partisan and it has nothing to do with Congress. Let freedom ring, Pumpkins for the People.

  3. Non-partisan pumpkining…I’m all for it!

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