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Wedgwood’s Business District in 1958

All of the Wedgwood neighborhood came into the Seattle City Limits in 1954, and then all of Wedgwood’s businesses were listed in the Seattle City Directories.  The business listings are a fascinating look at the economics and lifestyle of the … Continue reading

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Names in the Neighborhood: Wedgwood’s Boundaries and Neighborhood Identity

In the early 1900s Wedgwood in northeast Seattle did not have a name or definite identity as a neighborhood. Some areas in or near Seattle, such as the Fremont neighborhood, had been started with an official name.  In May 1888 … Continue reading

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The House in the Road

The years 1945 to 1955, from the end of World War Two until the Wedgwood neighborhood came completely into the city limits of Seattle, were years of rapid change.  The population of Seattle had swelled with war workers in the … Continue reading

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Bud Gagnon’s Wedgewood Pharmacy

Bud & Dolly Gagnon were the owners of the Wedgewood Pharmacy from 1952 to 1972 (spelled with that extra “e!!”) and the Gagnons saw the drugstore business evolve from old-time traditions into the streamlined service of the modern era. Bud Gagnon … Continue reading

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