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Laurette Stanley in Wedgwood

Laurette Augusta Young and Moses Terrell Stanley married in 1869 in Sweetland Township, Muscatine County, Iowa.  Each had come to Iowa as children when their parents migrated from other states to take advantage of the rich farmlands on the expanding … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Wildlife

Throughout northeast Seattle there are many ravines, big and small, with creeks running eastward down to their outlets at Lake Washington.  As can be seen throughout the city, there are possum, raccoon and coyotes living in Wedgwood’s ravines.   It … Continue reading

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Names in the Neighborhood: from Pontiac to Wedgwood

In 1887 the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railroad was up and running, a line now followed by the Burke-Gilman Trail.  The railroad paralleled streetcar lines from downtown Seattle as far as Fremont which was a major transportation hub for … Continue reading

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Continuing the Maple Creek Legacy

The story of the Maple Creek ravine in Wedgwood is that of dedicated conservationists who passed along the legacy from generation to generation.  Beginning in the 1930s Dr. & Mrs. Philip Rogers held their fifteen acres as a nature preserve.   In … Continue reading

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The Scout Camp in Wedgwood

In the 1920s more people began to move into the Wedgwood area but there were still many large tracts of vacant, undeveloped land.  Sometime during those early years Scouts began going to Wedgwood’s Maple Creek Ravine for camping and climbing … Continue reading

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Willa’s Wedgwood Wilderness

The Maple Creek section of the Wedgwood neighborhood extends from 40th to 45th Avenues NE, NE 88th to 92nd Streets.  A narrow, winding road meanders downhill from NE 88th Street to 45th Ave NE, following the curve of a Y-shaped ravine where … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Apron Ladies

Up until 1960 a woodsy corner of Wedgwood called the Maple Creek ravine was still protected from development or pollution, due to long-time landowners who were conservation-minded.  The Rogers  family who began living there in the 1930s kept some of … Continue reading

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