Wedgwood Business Feature: Adams Insurance

The summer of 2017 marked the fortieth work anniversary for Liz Jones of the Adams Insurance Agency at 8613 35th Ave NE in the Wedgwood neighborhood’s business district.  Liz, co-owner of Adams Insurance, is Wedgwood’s longest-time worker, and now business owner.

The insurance agency was founded in 1949 by original owner Walt Adams, who worked out of his business building at the corner of NE 95th Street.  Since 1956 the Adams Insurance Agency has been at 8613 35th Ave NE in what people like to call “the Javasti building” because of the coffee shop which is next-door to Adams Insurance in the row of shops.

This low-rise storefront building is in the heart of the Wedgwood business district and is in the third generation of family ownership by the Copestick-Stockton family.  The “Javasti building” is home to valued locally-owned businesses which enhance the friendly neighborhood atmosphere of Wedgwood.  In addition to the office of the Adams Insurance Agency, the row of businesses includes:  Tom Simon, CPA; Cafe Javasti; Layer Hair Salon; and Wedgwood Laundromat.

Liz Jones has been with Adams Insurance Agency for forty years as of 2017.  Photo by Valarie.

The Adams Insurance office at 8613 35th Ave NE is also in the third generation of ownership since the founding of the company, although co-owners Liz Jones and Ken Jenson are not related to the original founders.  Liz started out in the office with a summer job in 1977.

The most important thing to know about Adams Insurance is that it is an independent agency which matches clients with coverage from the appropriate company/carrier.  Adams Insurance can write policies tailored to the needs of car, property, rental and life insurance.

Liz Jones estimates that about 50% of her business is in life insurance for young families.  Co-owner Ken Jenson works with annuities, an investment product often purchased by those in the age group of 55+ who are doing retirement planning.

For an evaluation of your insurance needs, give the Adams Insurance Agency a call at 206-523-8660.  We thank Liz Jones and Ken Jenson for being neighborhood boosters and valued contributors to the business environment in Wedgwood.

The Adams Insurance Agency, Cafe Javasti and other locally-owned businesses are in the heart of Wedgwood.  This view is looking northward from Adams Insurance at 8613 35th Ave NE.   The blue chairs belong to Cafe Javasti. Photo by Valarie.

About Wedgwood in Seattle History

Valarie is a volunteer writer of neighborhood history in Seattle.
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