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Neighborhoods of Seattle: comparing the origins of Fremont and Wedgwood

How does the history and development of Wedgwood compare to that of other neighborhoods in Seattle? Fremont was the site of some of the earliest land claims in Seattle in the 1850s, but it was not populated until developers bought … Continue reading

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Homesteading in Wedgwood after the Civil War

In Seattle in the 1870s it was still possible to obtain land in a homestead claim.  Some who came to Seattle were young adventure-seekers, but many who came seeking land were older men who were trying to make a fresh … Continue reading

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Wedgwood Rock: from Homestead to Houses

The Wedgwood Rock section of homes is from 25th to 30th Avenues NE, NE 70th to 75th Streets.  This forty-acre tract was first platted (a plan for lots and streets laid out) in November 1945 by Albert Balch, a builder.  Balch had … Continue reading

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