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A Picardo Perspective

In the Spring of the year our thoughts turn to gardening.

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Wedgwood’s Immigrants: the Akahoshi Family

Census records of 1920 show that there were quite a few immigrants living in the northeast Seattle neighborhood of Wedgwood that year.  Germans who built their own houses and settled in Wedgwood included John Herkenrath, Gustav Morris, and William Voss, … Continue reading

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The Fischer Farm in Meadowbrook

It is hard for us to imagine the leap of faith made by people who immigrated to America a century ago.  In the 1800s, without the aids of television or radio, immigrants could not get a very clear idea of … Continue reading

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Homesteading in Wedgwood after the Civil War

In Seattle in the 1870s it was still possible to obtain land in a homestead claim.  Some who came to Seattle were young adventure-seekers, but many who came seeking land were older men who were trying to make a fresh … Continue reading

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The Ida’s Inn Beer Parlor in Wedgwood

On January 12, 2020, a car swerved off the road and struck the northernmost corner of the building at 7500 35th Ave NE, in the block to the north of the Wedgwood Safeway.  The incident has caused renewed interest in … Continue reading

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The Picardo Farm in Wedgwood

The Wedgwood neighborhood did not come completely into the Seattle city limits until 1954.  The area retained some of its semi-rural character into the 1960s, such as the Picardo Farm which operated at 8040 25th Ave NE. The Picardo family’s long … Continue reading

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The Ginseng Farm in Wedgwood

On the census of the year 1900 in Seattle Mr. Charles E. Thorpe was listed as a lodger in a private home on Denny Way near present-day Seattle Center.   By 1905 Mr. Thorpe had become one of the earliest residents of the future Wedgwood … Continue reading

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