Thornton Creek in 2016: Watershed Updates

Northeast Seattle’s Thornton Creek watershed has had major work done on it in recent years.  How healthy is the water now?

tca-meeting-october-27-2016On Thursday evening, October 27th, biologist Katherine Lynch will tell of the water quality measures and wetland improvement strategies undertaken along Thornton Creek in northeast Seattle.

The creek system originates at two points, one west of the freeway in the Northgate area (south branch.)

The north branch beginning point is in Shoreline, the incorporated city along Seattle’s north border.  The creek system might have been named for John Thornton who did not live there, but who was a very early settler in Washington Territory.

The north and south branches of Thornton Creek converge on 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street, at the lowest point in the road where Meadowbrook Pond has been created.  Work completed on the stream and pond in 2015 had multiple goals:  to reduce flooding and to improve the health of the water for fish and for outflow of the water into Lake Washington.

On Thursday evening, October 27th, 2016, hear biologist Katherine Lynch tell what strategies are working and how the health of the watershed is being monitored.  The meeting, presented by the Thornton Creek Alliance volunteer group, will be held on NE 100th Street at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. Social time is at 6:30 PM with the meeting beginning at 7 PM.

About Wedgwood in Seattle History

Valarie is a volunteer writer of neighborhood history in Seattle.
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