Always a 12

Go Seahawks! Never give up!

Go Seahawks! Never give up!

The Mayor of Seattle has issued a proclamation with a petition which can be signed electronically, to thank the Seattle Seahawks football team for their heart and determination.

We commend the teamwork, discipline, dedication, practice and never-give-up spirit of the Seattle Seahawks.  We the “12s” have learned from their example and we will cheer them on — for next time!  Never give up!

About Wedgwood in Seattle History

Valarie is a volunteer writer of neighborhood history in Seattle.
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4 Responses to Always a 12

  1. luminouszest says:

    yes!!! all them bandwagons can leave now. #12forlife

  2. Paul says:

    Yep. Even I, not a big follower of sports, am awfully proud of our team.

  3. Signed it! All over it! Bring on next year!

  4. Orion T says:

    Signed it! Thanks for bringing this up 🙂

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