Avian Friday: How to Attract Birds

Valarie says:  Our Northeast Seattle Bird Guy, Joe Sweeney, tells how putting peanut butter on your camera is a sure-fire way to attract birds!

Short & Tweet Bird Reports


This week’s photo, taken March 30, 2013 in Magnuson Park in Seattle, WA, features my first SAVANNAH SPARROW of the year.

When I’m out walking the trails and looking for birds, my best strategy for drawing them in is to get out some food. No, not food for the birds – food for me. Murphy’s Law states, “When you can’t hold your camera or binoculars because your hands are full with food, that’s when the good birds will appear.”

Saturday, I’m standing in Magnuson Park with my binoculars and camera slung around my neck. It’s a gloriously beautiful spring morning, yet there’s not a bird in sight. So I decide to eat some breakfast. I pull out a peanut butter and jam sandwich and take a few bites, and then a few more. When I’m halfway done with my sandwich, I notice a sparrow-like bird flitting from bush to bush…

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