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The Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel at Northgate

Thornton Creek, with two main branches north and south, flows in a southeasterly direction through north Seattle to the creek’s outlet at NE 93rd Street (Matthews Beach) on Lake Washington. The North Branch originates in Shoreline, and the South Branch … Continue reading

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Dorothy’s Thornton Creek Adventure

The Thornton Creek watershed extends eighteen miles through Shoreline and northeast Seattle, with its outlet into Lake Washington at about NE 93rd Street.  The creek has two main branches, North and South, with many tributaries.  Although he never lived there, … Continue reading

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The Roy Land Family of Meadowbrook

In 1930 twenty-four-year-old Henry Land and his wife were living near NE 97th Street in northeast Seattle, where Thornton Creek flowed past on its way to what is now Matthews Beach.  Henry worked as a mechanic at one of the … Continue reading

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Meadowbrook in Early Years

Where is “Meadowbrook” in Seattle? The Meadowbrook neighborhood in northeast Seattle derived its name from a golf course which was at the present site of Nathan Hale High School. This lowlands acreage with a creek running through it had once … Continue reading

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The Swansons of Ravenna Valley

The little community of Ravenna in northeast Seattle began to expand in the early 1900s.  Population growth naturally moved in that direction as more people clustered near to the University of Washington. The growth of northeast Seattle was further stimulated … Continue reading

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Ravenna in Seattle

Where is “Ravenna” in Seattle? When asked to define a neighborhood we might think of natural boundaries such as ravines or rivers.   There are also man-made dividing lines such as streets and business districts. The Ravenna business districts are along … Continue reading

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The New Thornton Creek School

Decatur School was built in 1961 at 7711 43rd Ave NE on the former site of a Navy housing complex called Shearwater. In 1967 Decatur became a “program school” with a specific educational approach.  Over the years it had another … Continue reading

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Meadowbrook Pond in Winter

While technically not a park, Meadowbrook Pond is a user-friendly Seattle Public Utilities accessible area with walking paths.  The Pond is on the east side of 35th Ave NE with an entrance marked by signage and boulders, directly across the … Continue reading

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Hunter Tree Farm in Wedgwood in 2021

The Hunter family of the Olympic Peninsula farm, dating back to the 1880s, began growing Christmas trees in 1948. In the 1950s the Hunters began selling cut trees in Seattle.  After the site in the present Northgate area closed, the … Continue reading

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Names in the Neighborhood: Rogers School

At the end of World War Two in 1945, military servicemen returned to the USA and many settled in Seattle.  The population of Seattle increased by 100,000 people between 1940 and 1950 due to the influx of returnees and new … Continue reading

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