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Shearwater part two: the Wedgwood Community Club fights Shearwater in the 1950s

In the 1950s the very active Wedgwood District Community Club made its voice heard in issues such as the completion of streets, water and other utilities, business district development in Wedgwood, and trying to get the Seattle Parks Department to … Continue reading

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Shearwater Part One: Navy Housing in Wedgwood in the 1940s

Decatur Elementary School at 7711 43rd Ave NE in Wedgwood is on the site of what was Navy housing from 1945 to 1966.  The first part of the school building was completed in 1961.  With a later addition to the … Continue reading

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How Wedgwood came into the City Limits of Seattle

The neighborhoods of northeast Seattle gradually came into the city limits between 1941 and 1954.  The Seattle City Limits did not advance northward in a straight line, like water rising in a bathtub.  It was up to each voting precinct … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Bus Company Lawsuit

One of Wedgwood’s biggest controversies, a lawsuit over the ownership of a bus company, is remembered by few people because the dispute began back in 1937.

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Groceries and Growth in Wedgwood

Grocery stores in Wedgwood expanded with the growth of the neighborhood in the post-World-War-Two period of the 1940s and 1950s.    Beginning with the economic downturn called the Boeing Bust in the 1970s, grocery stores and some other kinds of stores declined … Continue reading

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Apartments in Wedgwood: Oneida to Jasper

In the early 1900s in Seattle, apartments were built along trolley routes to close-in neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill.   Wedgwood was a remote neighborhood which didn’t begin to form an identity until the 1940s and was never served by a … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Apron Ladies

Up until 1960 a woodsy corner of Wedgwood called the Maple Creek ravine was still protected from development or pollution, due to long-time landowners who were conservation-minded.  The Rogers  family who began living there in the 1930s kept some of … Continue reading

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