The Yardbirds

Valarie says:  Northeast Seattle photographer Joe Sweeney illustrates how it is possible to enjoy birdlife while staying indoors!  You can attract birds to your yard and enjoy watching them through your window.  Birds are a wonder of nature and they help us be thankful to God for all that He has created for us to enjoy.

Short & Tweet Bird Reports


This week’s photo, taken June 16, 2013 through our dining room window in northeast Seattle, WA, features one of 5 RED CROSSBILLS that dropped by to bathe in our front yard bird bath. Crossbills spend a lot of time in the tops of conifers, where they use their unique bills to extract the seeds from pinecones. It’s a special treat when they come down to our level for some easy viewing by ground-dwelling humans.


If the title of this post makes you think of a sixties rock band, then you probably qualify for the senior discount at your local restaurant. The title refers to the birds we can enjoy without leaving the comfort of our home. So far this year, we have seen or heard 26 species of birds in our yard here in Seattle.

Some of the more notable visitors:





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  1. Lee says:

    That is a neat bird. Thanks for sharing.

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