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Willa’s Wedgwood Wilderness

The Maple Creek section of the Wedgwood neighborhood extends from 40th to 45th Avenues NE, NE 88th to 92nd Streets.  A narrow, winding road meanders downhill from NE 88th Street to 45th Ave NE, following the curve of a Y-shaped ravine where … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Apron Ladies

Up until 1960 a woodsy corner of Wedgwood called the Maple Creek ravine was still protected from development or pollution, due to long-time landowners who were conservation-minded.  The Rogers  family who began living there in the 1930s kept some of … Continue reading

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Oriental Gardens in Meadowbrook

A massive earthquake struck the city of San Francisco in the early morning hours of April 18, 1906.  But worse than the damage caused by the earthquake itself were the fires which raged through the city for three days afterward. … Continue reading

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From Wedgwood to Meadowbrook

In the 1920s and 1930s the (future) Wedgwood area lacked a strong name association in part because it lacked a school to give the neighborhood an identity.  But just to the north, on NE 100th Street at the corner of … Continue reading

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Parks in Wedgwood

Albert Balch, the developer of Wedgwood, intended to have some park space in the neighborhood but not all of his plans were realized, as he got busy with house-building.  In 1941 Balch platted a forty-acre tract of land from 30th to 35th Avenues NE, … Continue reading

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