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Valarie is a volunteer history writer for the Wedgwood neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle’s Pioneers of Fremont: John Ross

Fremont, a neighborhood in north Seattle, was named by a property investor from Fremont, Nebraska.  Prior to the development’s receiving its official name in 1888, there were other nearby neighborhood reference points.  One of these was the community of Ross.  … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Pioneers of Fremont: B.F. Day – Part Two

The Panic of 1893, a nationwide economic crash, had a chilling effect upon Seattle.  Historian Thomas Prosch wrote that Seattle businesses, banks manufacturers and even churches closed down and went out of business due to lack of money to operate. … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Pioneers of Fremont: B.F. Day – Part One

The Fremont neighborhood was one of Seattle’s first suburbs, with people moving to the site beginning in the 1870s.   Even before Fremont had an official name, its strategic location at the northwest corner of Lake Union was known to Seattle … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Immigrant Photographer: Werner Lenggenhager

Werner Lenggenhager (1899-1988) was a Swiss immigrant who lived in Australia and California before coming to Seattle in 1939 at age 40.  A trip home to Switzerland in 1949 made Lenggenhager realize that historic buildings are not always valued until … Continue reading

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Wedgwood’s Immigrants: the Akahoshi Family

Census records of 1920 show that there were quite a few immigrants living in the northeast Seattle neighborhood of Wedgwood that year.  Germans who built their own houses and settled in Wedgwood included John Herkenrath, Gustav Morris, and William Voss, … Continue reading

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A Gift from the Past

When I was growing up in the 1950s in Seattle I was fascinated by the stories my elderly relatives told of “the olden days.”  It doesn’t seem possible that I could have known people who were born in the 1880s, … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Nordic Heritage

The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle is the only museum in the United States which recognizes the contribution of immigrants from the five Nordic countries:  Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  It is particularly appropriate for the Museum to be … Continue reading

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