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Valarie is a volunteer history writer for the Wedgwood neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

Churches and Changes in Wedgwood

Currently there are four church buildings within the boundaries of northeast Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood from NE 75th to 95th Streets.  Each church congregation has had different locations, buildings and names over the years.  The patterns of use and naming show … Continue reading

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Sunday, Swamp, Soup, Cider

On Sunday, November 22nd at 2 PM everyone is invited to come on a guided walk through northeast Seattle’s wonderful urban amenity, the Yesler Swamp Trail.  The tour will be led by Professor Kern Ewing of the University of Washington’s … Continue reading

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The Kittredge Family: a Bridge to Northeast Seattle

We may define “pioneers” as young people, perhaps single men or young couples, who journey out to unexplored lands to start new lives.  The story of Seattle’s growth includes plenty of pioneer stories, but not just in the 1850’s and … Continue reading

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Project FeederWatch 2015

Project FeederWatch is a fun citizen science project that anyone can do.  Set up a feeder, count birds, and report your sightings!  New participants receive the FeederWatch Handbook & Instructions, a Common Feeder Birds poster, a Bird-Watching Days calendar, and … Continue reading

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Seattle Street Names

The vision of a city in the place where Seattle now stands was born in the heart of Arthur Denny, a 29-year-old surveyor in Knox County, Illinois in 1851.  As a surveyor Denny knew that in unexplored regions, early-arriving settlers … Continue reading

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Following the Birds into Autumn Migration

In the autumn season when we see flocks of birds overhead, we know that cold weather is coming.  The annual migration does not mean that all birds are leaving the Pacific Northwest, known for its mild winters.  Some birds, including … Continue reading

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Q&A with ‘Too High and Too Steep’ author David B. Williams

Originally posted on University of Washington Press Blog:
In his new book Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography, David B. Williams tells an engaging story about the radical ways in which the leaders and inhabitants of Seattle have…

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