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About Wedgwood in Seattle History

Valarie is a volunteer history writer for the Wedgwood neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

The Theodora in Northeast Seattle

The Theodora building in northeast Seattle, located on 35th Ave NE closest to the corner of NE 68th Street, is going through a transition to new use.  The Theodora Home was formerly low-income housing operated by the Volunteers of America, … Continue reading

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The Landscape in Our Pacific Northwest History

The history of the exploration of our Pacific Northwest region is built upon its landscape, including rivers, mountains, natural resources and the use patterns of traditional cultures.  Two recently-released books tell stories of local history, fur traders, explorers, geology and … Continue reading

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Under the Midnight Sun at the Klondike Gold Rush Museum in Seattle

The Gold Rush of 1897 was an event which rocketed Seattle out of an economic depression because the city advertised itself as the launch point to the Yukon.  Forever after, the economies of the City of Seattle and the North … Continue reading

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Old Houses in Seattle History

Around Seattle’s neighborhoods there are old houses which embody the history of the city’s development and growth.  In Seattle’s fast-growing years of the 1880’s it seemed that carpenters were everywhere and today we can still see examples of early, carpenter-built … Continue reading

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The Little Free Library

Walking along a sidewalk in the Wedgwood neighborhood one day, I saw what appeared to be a fancy front-yard mailbox…or was it a birdhouse?  Upon closer examination I saw that the structure had a door with books visible inside.  Over … Continue reading

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House Histories of the Fremont Neighborhood in Seattle

Fremont in Seattle was one of the city’s first neighborhoods with its own identity.  It was founded as a land development, like a suburb, with the name of Fremont taken from the home city of two investors who came out … Continue reading

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How Birds Fly

From earliest times, people have been fascinated by how birds fly.  Seattle’s Museum of Flight is presenting a special exhibit on the “mechanics” of flight (bird anatomy) and the inspiration which birds have given to man’s efforts to become airborne. … Continue reading

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